how to set up vizio m series sound bar

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Vizio m series sound bars are well known for giving users a top-notch audio experience. The bars have some fantastic features, including wireless streaming and outstanding audio quality. Setting up such a soundbar can be a daunting task, particularly for people who lack experience. Therefore, this article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to set up vizio m series soundbar.

Unbox the Sound Bar and Accessories

The first step in setting up your vizio m series sound bar is to unbox all the accessories that come with it. These accessories include the power adapter, the remote control, and the audio cables. Check if the items are complete before proceeding with the setup process. Once you have confirmed the completeness of the accessories, proceed to the next step.

Connect the Cables

The second step is to connect the audio cables. You need to connect an HDMI cable or an optical cable to your television and soundbar. Use the appropriate cable that suits your needs. It is important to select the correct input of your vizio m series soundbar that relates to the selected output of either an HDMI or an optical cable. The HDMI cable or optical cable links and the TV audio output connects to the Soundbar's audio input port.

Connect the Power Supply

The third step is to connect the power adapter to the sound bar's power port and a power supply. You need to plug the adapter into an AC outlet and supply the soundbar with power. The power source must be reliable and have enough voltage to power the soundbar. You can check the power connection by turning on the soundbar and ensuring that the light indicators are lit.

Testing the SoundBar

The fourth step is to test if the sound bar is functioning correctly. Turn on your television and soundbar, and you should hear some audio from it. Test the sound by listening to some music or watching an action movie with many sounds. Modify the soundbar's volume and find the most exquisite setting for your viewing pleasure.


Setting up the vizio m series sound bar is not challenging if you follow the instructions provided in this guide. Unbox the accessories, connect the cables, plug in the power adapter, and test the soundbar. If the soundbar doesn't work, check the connections and power supply. With this guide, you can now sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite music and movies with crystal-clear sound.


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