Why Solid Wood Table Top Get Deformation?

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Why solid wood table top get deformation?

  1. During the production, especially in the dry room, if the moisture content of row material solid wood do not get controlled well, the solid wood table top will get deformation.

After the woodwork finished, the moisture content of wood and dry stress decided its using situation. Therefore it is very important to control the moisture content of wood.

A well controlled woodwork should has a quite good resistance toward sunshine duration, climate change and operating environment.

  1. Suddenly abnormal change of weather is another reason to cause the wood work craze or deformation.

Under normal situation, the moisture content of solid wood furniture request 1%~2% lower than the actual using air average moisture content. But the worldwide climate has big difference, so there is different moisture content request about solid wood furniture.

For example, the average moisture content in L.A, USA is around 11.7%, so the wood furniture moisture content should control between 10.7% ~ 9.7%. Meanwhile, in Germany, the average moisture content is around 16.1%, so the wood furniture moisture content should control between 15.1% ~ 14.1%.

  1. The improper using method may cause deformation of the wood furniture as well.

Some customer put the solid wood furniture nearby the window, let the woodwork pieces bearing the sun, the wind and the rain.

Or use the wet clothes to clean the wood.

Or drag the wood furniture in a very violence way, cause the frame damaged and unevenly stressed.

 deformation of 3cm solid <a href=ash wood table top " src="https://sendyfurniture.usa72.wondercdn.com/uploads/image/6311677ee6b03.png">

How to solve the table top deformation ?

  1. Professional wood drying room and particular knowledge about different row wood material is very important for a wood work factory.
  2. For 3cm / 4cm / 5cm solid wood table top, Sendy Furniture hidden anti-deformation strip appears to be particularly important for daily use.

Sendy Furniture using hidden anti-deformation strips on the bottom of our solid wood table top to avoid the deformation and greatly improve the resistance of solid wood table top toward sunshine duration, climate change and operating environment.

hidden anti-deformation strips on Sendy Furniture Table tops


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