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About Booth Seating

As a special constituent part of restaurant furniture, booth seating provide a relative private space for your customer, no matter for business dinner, family meal or candlelight dinner. This small space allows your guests to focus on their own conversation without feeling like they are being overheard. Since booth seating share a high back, your guests can comfortable sit closer together than the traditional dining chairs. Besides, booth seating takes less room than traditional dining chairs without making your guests feel crowded.

There are multitudinous design of booth seating. From the material, in brief, some of them are fully upholstered, some of them are combination by plywood structure & upholstered, some of them are assembled by hardware & upholstered.

Double booth seating is a smart choice for restaurant that want to conserve space. It is available in a wide variety of colors and materials, so there is sure to be an option that suits your establishment.


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Custom Booth Seating Advantages

Sendy as a high quality booth seating manufacturer and supplier in China, can provide various styles of booth seating, such as: commercial, industrial, restaurant, hotel booth seating, etc. And we can provide booth seating design and customization. For purchasing restaurant booth seating you can contact us!

Strengthen Structure

Inner Frame use the fumigated Eucalyptus solid wood, with 12mm thickness seamless plywood. 2 seats booth seating bear loading easily over 500kg. Structure warranty 10 years under normal using.

restaurant booth seating for sale

High Density Foam

To reach the comfortable seating and last the long life time of the booth seating, We use 10cm thickness cushion mix the pure 35 degree foam + 40 degree foam.

restaurant booth seating for sale

Multiple Design

From the material, we have fully upholstered and wood base collections, with or without armrests, channels or dots as tufted back, we provide dozens of designs for choices.

restaurant booth seating for sale

Customized Color & Shape & Size

Different dining environment depends on the upholstered material and color for the booth seating, different space requests the shapes and sizes adjusted according current situation.

restaurant booth seating for sale

Custom Restaurant/ Hotel Booth Seating

Booth seating is a seating setup used in a restaurant or other establishment. It usually consists of a bench and table fixed to a wall or floor, sometimes with accessories such as a backrest or divider. It is often used as an intimate dining space because they provide more privacy and comfort and can prevent distractions and noisy environments. Booth seating can also divide the restaurant space, making it more hierarchical and visually appealing.

There are many factors affecting the customization of booth seating, the following are a few brief points:

  • Application scenarios: different scenarios and environments require different booth seating, for example, booth seating in restaurants needs to be more comfortable to protect privacy and allow dining staff to dine and chat better; hotel booth seating needs to give people a more comfortable and warm feeling, so that people forget about fatigue;
  • Material selection: The material of booth seating directly determines its applicability and durability. Therefore, according to the specific use scenario and requirements, you need to choose the right material, such as wood, plastic, metal, etc. We design and manufacture velvet card seats with very elegant and noble characteristics, especially suitable for home use.
  • Size specification: the size of the booth seat must meet the needs of the use occasion, for example, whether the size, height, width, etc. are in line with commercial use, especially restaurants, hotels and households have strict requirements on the size, there are corner booth seats, curved booth seats, single and double booth seats, etc.
  • Design style: The design style of booth seating is also one of the factors to be considered, and the style needs to be determined according to the occasion, audience, etc., for example, modern minimalist, European retro, noble and elegant, etc.
  • Color matching: The color matching of booth seating also needs to be considered and needs to be coordinated with the theme of the whole event or exhibition, for example, brightly colored seats can attract the eye.
  • Comfort: The comfort of booth seating is also an important factor, and the comfort of sitting for a long time needs to be taken into account, such as the angle of the backrest, the softness of the seat surface, etc.
  • Production cost: The production cost of booth seats is also one of the factors to be considered, and needs to be developed according to the specific budget and market demand.

There are many factors that affect custom booth seating restaurants, but our professional designers will take them all into account to deliver booth seating that is best suited for restaurants/hotels. Our designers have years of experience and cases in designing and can give the most professional and caring service, choose us to be your restaurant/hotel booth seating manufacturer and let's work together for a win-win situation.


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