Metal or Wood: Which Type of Furniture is Better?

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Getting new furniture can be exciting and challenging. Are you trying to decide whether to purchase metal or wood furniture? This post is for you.

So, which type of restaurant furniture is better, metal or wood? Both metal and wood are popular, long-lasting and give great visuals.

In this post, you will know the advantages and disadvantages of both types of furniture to help you make your choice.

Advantages of Metal Furniture

Metal furniture is in many restaurants because of its durability. It is easy to maintain, which is also a good advantage. Below, you will find some more pros of metal furniture.

It is durable

Metal furniture has a long lifespan and can withstand conditions such as wear and tear. It is tough enough to handle the impact of transportation or collisions.

It is cost-effective

A single purchase of metal furniture is cost-effective because it will require few or no replacements. Metal furniture is also affordable and worth the price.

Modern visual appeal

Metal furniture gives a visually appealing modern look to your restaurant. You may want a sleek design that doesn't go out of style.

Metal Furniture

Disadvantages of Metal Furniture

As great as metal furniture seems, it has some cons to consider. So, here are some of them below.

Prone to rust

Metal furniture rusts when exposed to air and moisture. That happens when the painting seal is worn or damaged. So, if you notice that the paint seal is wearing off, you need to get an extra coating as soon as possible to avoid a waste of furniture.

They are heavy and dense in weight

You should be ready to haul some heavy furniture around with a set of metal restaurant furniture. So, restaurant floors that can mask scuff marks or scrapes are suitable.

Wood Furniture

Advantages of Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture has a long-standing reputation for being your go-to choice. That was until the invention of other kinds of furniture. However, to this day, it is the most popular option that has withstood changes with time and trends. Here are some reasons why.

It has a welcoming appeal

There is something about wooden furniture that feels homely and welcoming. It can help give your restaurant a nice cosy feeling that customers would love.

It has great value

Wooden furniture has good value when made from quality wood. It can become antic or vintage furniture with time.

Disadvantages of Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is less resistant than metal furniture. So, it needs proper care and maintenance. Here are some disadvantages of wood furniture.

It is vulnerable to damages

A lot of factors can damage wood furniture. These include water stains, fire, animals, pests, sunlight, chemicals and heavy impact.

It is prone to damage from scrapes

Wood is softer than metal and more vulnerable to scrapes and dents. Scratches can wear out the top finish and leave the wood underneath vulnerable to other elements.

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