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Dining Table Overview

Dining table plays the main constituent part of the restaurant furniture. Compare with other furniture, dining table is more emphasis on its function. For this reason, a strong, stable and stylish dining table appears to be particularly important for a restaurant, bar and cafe.

What’s more, not like home use dining table, always has a standard size, restaurant dining table request flexible adjustment including size, shape and height according interspace and different users.

A table, if combined with the right set of chairs, can change the entire aspect of a room and forge a totally different fascinating space. Then how to choose the fittest dining table ? Sendy Furniture suggests follow below 4 steps: A. Confirm the size; B. Consider the practical situation, choose the table top material; C. According the table top size and its material, choose the table base; D. Select the Color.

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Our Advantages

Sendy as a manufacturer of high quality dining tables in China, we can provide round dining tables, square dining tables, etc. And we also provide dining table sets design and customization, welcome to contact us to get a wholesale price!

Long Life Time

Under room temperature, regular service condition, our dining table stable working over 28,000 hours ~ 45,000 hours depends on different material.

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Multiple Design

Besides material of table base including metal, aluminum, stainless steel and casting iron, we provide hundreds of different table base designs to suit different space request.

restaurant dining tables for sale

Adjustable Feet

To solve the uneven ground caused “shake” table problem, we provide adjustable feet as optional choice. This kind of screw adjustable feet can suitable for any design table base

restaurant dining tables for sale

Variable Shape & Size

Take control of your restaurant space, besides the different material choices for dining table top, we accept custom made size and shape as well.

restaurant dining tables for sale

Wholesale and Custom Dining Table Set Elements

Dining tables in restaurants are usually used for guests to dine or gather. Depending on the occasion and needs, dining tables may vary in size, shape, material and color.

  • In general, the size of the table should be able to accommodate the number of diners and leave enough space for guests to feel comfortable during the meal. The shape of the table can also vary according to different needs, such as rectangular, round, oval or square.

  • In terms of materials, tables are usually made of wood, glass, metal or marble. Different materials have different styles and characteristics, and can be selected according to the overall style and theme of the restaurant.

  • Color is also an important consideration, you can choose the appropriate color scheme according to the overall decoration and atmosphere of the restaurant to achieve a better visual effect and a pleasant dining experience.

Our restaurant dining table set designers in China, with years of experience in designing restaurant dining tables and chairs in various styles, can give the best design advice based on the arrangement of the venue, color matching requirements, and the size of the dining table, feel free to contact us to design restaurant dining table set and get wholesale prices 


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