How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Restaurant & Bar ?

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Confirm the Size

All of Sendy Furniture dining table support custom made, any size for us is possible. 

For 2 person, the commend table top size is 60*60cm or 80*80cm.

For 4 person, the commend table top size is 120*60cm or 140*60cm.

For 6 person, we will suggest you choose round shape table, the commend table top size is diameter 120cm.

2 person table for example

2 person table

4 person table for example

4 person table

Choose the Table Top

Sendy Furniture has a wide choice for the table top to fit different space requests.

Melamine- The best economic choice. But this material is not waterproof.

Laminate - The best cost-performance choice. This kind of table top is the top sales in restaurant tables. The table top has a wide color choice, the weight is light meanwhile it is waterproof and has high-temperature resistance.  

Solid Wood - We have 3cm / 4cm / 5cm different thickness solid wood table top for your choice.

Marble - Marble dining table top usually match with stainless steel base, it usually consider as the primary luxury choice.

Marble with Golden Seam - The most popular dining table for luxury restaurant / bar / hotel.

Ceramic - The newest material used for dining table. This material is unbreakable, besides, it is corrosion resistance, can used in both indoor and outdoor.

Slab Stone -- This is the new material. The feathers including:

  • Up to 1280℃ heat-resisting ,non shrink, non break, non color fading.
  • Reach to Mohs' hardness scale 9, anti-scrape & wear-resisting.
  • 0.1 ‰  fluid permeability ,easy to clean


Solid Wood


Choose the Table Base

Table base is widely divide into two parts. One is iron base, another is stainless steel base.

Table top size less than 80cm, we suggest a single support base.

Table top size over 80cm, we suggest the double supports base consider its stable.

Table Base

Get the Quotation

After you figure out above steps, kindly provide us with the information, and we will send to you the detailed quotation for a different match.

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