How to Take Care of a Wood Dining Table

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Wood furniture has been in existence for a very long time, especially because of the many creative ways it can be used. If taken care of properly, wooden furniture can last for many years.

One good example of wooden furniture is a wooden dining table. Dining tables serve as a central meeting point for families and friends to share meals.

Proper care of wooden dining tables can allow them to serve families for a long time. Here's how to take care of a wooden dining table.

How To Take Care Of A Wood Dining Table

1. Protect it from liquids

Liquids are one of the greatest enemies of wood. Any form of liquid can damage a wooden table.

To protect your table from liquids, cover it with a tablecloth. You can also use coasters and trays when taking cold drinks on your wooden table.

If by some accident you have water rings on your wooden table, use an equal mixture of vinegar and oil to wipe them off. Afterward, wipe again with a clean dry cloth.

2. Protect it from dust

Dust may look harmless but when accumulated on any wood surface, it can cause problems. Dust damages the wood and causes it to look unattractive.

To protect your wood table from dust particles, be sure to dust or wipe it regularly. Also when travelling cover your table surfaces with a piece of cloth to keep it protected.

In case your wood table is already dusty, take it outdoors and dust it thoroughly. You can also use a blower to get rid of dust particles lodged in hidden corners.

Wood Dining Table

3. Protect it from insects

A lot of insects still view wood as food even when it's in your room. Termites, ants and beetles are good examples of wood-eating insects.

To protect your wood from insects, be sure to purchase good quality furniture that has been previously treated against insects. You can also get wood protective sprays that can be used to prevent insects from damaging your table.

There are also certain types of wood that are naturally insect-resistant such as Teak or Cedar. these woods will naturally reduce the risk of damage to your table by insects.

4. Protect it from harsh weather

Wooden dining tables are sometimes used outdoors for social events. Unfortunately, if exposed to harsh weather, wood can begin to rot or break apart. 

To protect the wood from harsh weather, be sure to store it in your garage or under a shed after use. Your wood can also be sealed to prevent direct contact with natural elements.

5. Protect it from marks and scratches

Constant marking and scratching can damage your wooden dining table. They can also make it look unattractive and unfit for your decor.

To protect your wood from marks or scratches, do not chop or cut foods directly on your table. Be sure to use a board or a plate when using utensils such as knives. 

Also, avoid the use of heavy machinery on your table. Home machines such as food processors can scratch your wooden table. Instead, use such machines on a kitchen counter or center table.

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