how to know what height bar stools to buy

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Are you in the process of purchasing bar stools for your home or business, but not sure what height to choose? The height of a bar stool is an important factor to consider, as it affects both comfort and functionality. In this article, we will discuss how to know what height bar stools to buy.

Determine the Counter or Bar Height

Before we dive into the different heights available for bar stools, it is essential to determine whether you need counter or bar height stools. Counter height stools are typically for kitchen counters or islands, while bar height stools are commonly used in a bar setting. This distinction is important, as the height of your counter or bar will dictate the height of the stool you can choose from.

Standard Heights

Once you have determined whether you need counter or bar height stools, you can proceed to select the appropriate height. Standard counter height ranges from 34-39 inches, and bar height ranges from 40-46 inches. For a counter height of 35-37 inches, a stool height of 24-26 inches is ideal. For a counter height of 38-40 inches, a stool height of 26-28 inches is recommended. For bar height, a stool height of 28-30 inches for a bar height of 41-43 inches, and a stool height of 30-32 inches for a bar height of 44-46 inches is typical.

Adjustable Height Stools

In some cases, you may have a counter or bar height that falls outside of the standard measurements. Alternatively, you may want the flexibility of adjusting the height of your bar stools. In these instances, adjustable height stools may be the best option for you. Adjustable height stools typically have a range of 22-33 inches, making them suitable for both counter and bar heights. They are also a great solution for those who prefer to use their stools in different areas of the home.

Consider Comfort and Style

In addition to the height of your bar stools, you should also consider comfort and style. Look for stools with backrests, footrests, and padded seats to ensure maximum comfort. In terms of style, select bar stools that match the decor of your home or business. From traditional to modern, there are countless styles and designs available to fit any aesthetic.


Purchasing the right height bar stools can make all the difference in terms of both comfort and functionality. By determining the counter or bar height, selecting the appropriate height, considering adjustable height options, and factoring in comfort and style, you can choose the perfect bar stools for your home or business.


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