how to upholster back of chair

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Upholstering a chair can seem like a daunting task, but it is actually quite achievable with the right materials, tools, and a little bit of patience. Upholstering the back of a chair can be especially challenging, but by following these simple steps, you can give your chair a stunning new look. In this article, we will take a look at how to upholster the back of a chair.

Materials required

Before you start upholstering the back of your chair, you will need to gather the necessary materials. This includes an upholstery fabric of your choice, a foam padding, spray adhesive, a staple gun, staples, a hammer, and a pair of scissors. Make sure you have enough fabric to cover the whole back of the chair, plus a little extra for allowance.

Step by Step Procedure

The following are the steps you can follow to upholster the back of your chair:1. Remove the existing back cushion: If your chair has an existing back cushion, you will need to remove it before you can begin the upholstering process. Use a staple remover to carefully remove any staples holding the cushion in place.2. Measure and cut the foam: Measure the height and width of the chair's back and cut the foam padding to the same size. Make sure the foam is the same thickness as the existing cushion or slightly thicker.3. Attach the foam padding: Spray adhesive on the back of the foam padding and press it firmly against the back of the chair. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles.4. Cut the fabric: Lay out the upholstery fabric on a flat surface and place the chair with its back facing down on top of the fabric. Cut the fabric to the size needed to cover the back of the chair plus a few inches extra on each side.5. Staple the fabric in place: Starting from the center of the chair's back, staple the fabric in place, pulling it tightly as you go along. Be sure to staple close to the foam padding and tuck any excess fabric underneath the staples.6. Finish the edges: Once you have stapled the fabric all around the perimeter of the back of the chair, fold the excess fabric neatly at the corners and staple it in place.


Upholstering the back of a chair may seem like a complicated process, but with the right tools and materials, it can be done easily and quickly. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can give your chair a brand new look and feel. Remember to take your time and be patient during the process, as the end result will be well worth the effort.


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