how to set touch bar on macbook pro

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MacBook Pro is a brilliant creation of Apple Inc. which comes with numerous remarkable features. One of the most distinguished features of MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar. Touch Bar delivers a remarkable level of control and convenience to users and adds an entirely new functionality to the Mac. In this article, we will provide guidelines on how to set the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro.

What is Touch Bar on MacBook Pro?

The Touch Bar is a small, thin touchscreen display that sits above the keyboard of the MacBook Pro. It is a dynamic interface that changes based on what application you are using. The Touch Bar provides quick access to a wide range of tools and features which eliminates the need to remember keyboard shortcuts or search through menus.

How to Customize the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro?

One of the most amazing features of the Touch Bar is that it can be customized to fit your needs. You can rearrange, add, or remove buttons on the Touch Bar to your liking. Follow these steps to customize the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro:

Add or Remove Buttons

1. Click on the Apple icon from the top-left corner of your screen and select System Preferences.
2. Click on the Keyboard icon.
3. Select the Customize Control Strip option.
4. Drag and drop the buttons you want to add or remove from the Touch Bar.
5. Once done with customization, click on Done to save the new settings.

Display App-Specific Controls on Touch Bar

1. Launch your preferred application.
2. Click on View from the top menu and select Customize Touch Bar.
3. Drag and drop the app-specific buttons to the Touch Bar accordingly.
4. Close the customization window.
5. Whenever you launch the same application from now on, the Touch Bar will display the customized buttons accordingly.


The Touch Bar is a brilliant invention that adds an entirely new level of functionality and customization to the MacBook Pro. The ability to customize the Touch Bar and make it work according to your needs is a key feature of this technology. We hope that this article has helped you in learning how to set up the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro. With the right customizations, the Touch Bar will make your work much easier and faster than ever before.



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