how to recover upholstered chair

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Upholstered furniture can add a lot of style and comfort to your home but it also requires maintenance and sometimes repair. An upholstered chair that has seen better days might seem like it's time to toss it but with some simple techniques, you can bring new life to it. In this article, we'll explore how to recover an upholstered chair step-by-step.

Step 1: Assess the chair

The first step to recovering an upholstered chair is to assess its condition. Are there any damages on the chair, such as broken legs or arms? Does the padding feel worn out and flat? Is the fabric torn or stained? If the structure of the chair is damaged, it's best to have it repaired before you begin the reupholstering process. If the padding and fabric are in good condition, you might be able to skip a few steps and just recover the chair. However, if the padding is worn out or the fabric is damaged, you will need to replace them.

Step 2: Remove the old fabric and padding

The next step is to remove the old fabric and padding from the chair. Use a pair of pliers to remove any staples or tacks on the underside of the chair. Once you have removed all the staples, carefully peel away the old fabric and padding. Be sure to take note of how the old fabric was attached to the chair and take photos if needed. You'll need to use these as a reference when you attach the new fabric.

Step 3: Add new padding

If the old padding is flat or worn out, you'll need to replace it. You can purchase foam padding from most craft or fabric stores. Cut the padding to size and use a spray adhesive to attach it to the chair. Be sure to place the padding evenly and securely so that it won't shift around when you attach the new fabric.

Step 4: Cut and attach new fabric

Now it's time to add the new fabric to the chair. Choose a durable fabric that complements the style of the chair and your home's decor. Cut the fabric to the proper size, leaving enough fabric to cover the sides of the chair. If the old fabric had a pattern, use it as a guide when cutting the new fabric. Once you have the fabric cut to the proper size, lay it over the chair and smooth out any wrinkles. Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the chair, starting from the center of each side and working your way out. Be sure to keep the fabric taut as you go, and add extra staples in places that might be more likely to tear.


Recovering an upholstered chair can be a cost-effective and fun way to refresh your home decor. With a little patience and the right tools, you can easily give your old chair a new lease on life. Remember to take your time when removing the old fabric, adding new padding, and attaching the new fabric. With these steps, you'll be able to enjoy your newly recovered chair for many years to come.


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