how to make a bar stool slipcover

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If you're thinking about giving your kitchen or bar area a quick and easy makeover, consider making a slipcover for your bar stools! Not only will this add a fresh new look to your space, but it's also a great way to give new life to old or outdated bar stools. Follow these steps to create a custom slipcover that fits perfectly on your bar stool and complements the decor of your home.

Step 1: Measure Your Bar Stool

Before you start creating a slipcover, you'll need to measure your bar stool. Measure the height of the stool and the circumference of the seat cushion. Once you have these measurements, you can calculate how much fabric you'll need to purchase. Make sure to add a few extra inches to the measurements to ensure you have enough fabric to create a snug fit around the stool.

Step 2: Choose Your Fabric

Now that you know how much fabric you'll need, it's time to choose the material. Pick a fabric that's durable and easy to clean, especially if you'll be using your bar stools frequently. Some great options include cotton, linen, or a blend of the two. Consider the color and pattern of the fabric and make sure it complements the rest of your kitchen decor.

Step 3: Cut the Fabric

Once you have your fabric, it's time to start cutting. Measure and cut the fabric according to the measurements you took earlier. Cut one piece for the seat cushion and one piece to cover the base of the stool. Make sure to leave enough fabric for seam allowances and any extra embellishments you may want to add.

Step 4: Sew the Slipcover Together

Now it's time to start sewing the slipcover together. Start by sewing the two pieces of fabric right sides together. Sew around the edges, leaving an opening for the stool base. Once you've sewn the edges together, turn the slipcover right side out and slip it over the stool. Tuck any extra fabric under the stool and adjust the slipcover until it fits snugly on the stool.

Step 5: Add Any Finishing Touches

Finally, add any extra embellishments to your slipcover. Consider adding a tie or ribbon to keep the slipcover in place, or adding a trim or piping for extra detail. Once you've finished adding your final touches, your bar stool slipcover is complete!


Creating a custom slipcover for your bar stool is a great way to add a quick and easy update to your kitchen or bar area. By following these simple steps, you can create a slipcover that fits perfectly on your stool and complements the rest of your decor. With the right fabric and a little bit of sewing know-how, you can create a slipcover that makes your bar stools look better than ever!"


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