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how to clean a rattan chair

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A rattan chair can add a touch of elegance and artistry to your home decor. It's not only comfortable but also affordable and durable. However, if you want to keep it looking good for years, you need to clean it regularly. Rattan furniture can accumulate dust, dirt, and stains over time, making it look dull and uninviting. In this article, we'll show you how to clean a rattan chair so that it looks as good as new.

Gather Tools and Supplies

The first step in cleaning a rattan chair is to gather the necessary tools and supplies. You'll need a soft-bristled brush, a bowl of lukewarm water, a mild detergent, a microfiber cloth, and a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Make sure that the detergent you use is suitable for rattan furniture, as harsh chemicals can damage the material. Avoid using bleach or ammonia-based cleaners, as they can cause the rattan to dry out and become brittle.

Vacuum the Chair

The next step is to vacuum the chair thoroughly using the upholstery attachment. This will remove any loose dirt, dust, or debris that may have accumulated on the surface of the rattan. Be careful not to scratch the rattan while using the vacuum cleaner. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a soft-bristled brush to gently sweep away the dirt and dust.

Clean the Rattan

Once you've removed the loose dirt and dust, it's time to clean the rattan. Dip the soft-bristled brush into the bowl of lukewarm water, add a small amount of the mild detergent, and gently scrub the rattan. Be careful not to use too much water, as this can cause the rattan to warp or become discolored. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe away any excess water or soap. If the stains are stubborn, you may need to apply a bit more pressure to remove them, but be careful not to scrub too hard.

Dry the Chair

Once you've finished cleaning the rattan, it's important to dry the chair thoroughly. You can use a clean, dry towel or a fan to speed up the drying process. Avoid placing the chair in direct sunlight or near a heat source, as this can cause the rattan to dry out and become brittle. Once the chair is completely dry, you can polish it with a furniture polish or wax to give it a shiny and smooth look.


Cleaning a rattan chair may seem like a daunting task, but it's actually quite simple if you follow the right steps. Regular cleaning and maintenance will not only keep your rattan chair looking beautiful but also extend its lifespan. Remember to use only mild detergents and avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the rattan. With proper care, your rattan chair will continue to provide comfort and elegance to your home for years to come.



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