how to build an upholstered chair frame

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Upholstered chairs are a great addition to any home. They are comfortable, stylish, and can match any home interior. However, purchasing a ready-made upholstered chair can be quite expensive. Instead, building your upholstered chair frame can be a more cost-effective and rewarding option. This article will guide you through the process of building an upholstered chair frame.

Step 1: Planning your Chair Frame

The first step towards building an upholstered chair frame is to have a plan. As with any good project, having a plan will ensure that you have all the necessary tools and materials. Start by deciding on the style and size of your chair frame. Will it be a dining chair, accent chair, or a comfortable lounge chair? Once you have a style and size in mind, measure and draw a sketch of your chair frame. This will help you calculate the amount of wood needed and the cuts required.

Step 2: Gathering Materials

With your plan in place, it's time to gather the necessary materials. You will need wood for the frame, foam for the cushion, fabric for the upholstery, screws, and glue. The type of wood you choose will depend on your budget and whether you want a more natural or painted finish. For the cushion, select foam thickness and density based on the chair's intended use. For the upholstery, choose a durable fabric that complements your decor.

Step 3: Building the Frame

Now it's time to put the plan into action and start building your chair frame. Begin by cutting the wooden pieces according to the plan's dimensions. Next, assemble the frame by using glue and screws to attach the backrest, seat, and legs together. You can use clamps to hold the pieces in place while the glue dries. It's important to ensure that the frame is stable and sturdy.

Step 4: Upholstery

Once you have assembled the frame, it's time to upholster your chair. Start by wrapping the foam around the seat, and secure it in place with fabric or batting. Next, cut the fabric for the backrest, seat, and arms, leaving enough fabric to cover the wood's edges. Staple the fabric to the backrest and seat, working your way around the frame, making sure the fabric is tight and smooth.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

All that's left is to add any finishing touches to your upholstered chair frame. Sand any rough edges and apply a finish or paint to the wood. You can also add decorative elements like nailhead trim or upholstery buttons for added detail.


Building an upholstered chair frame can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. With careful planning, quality materials, and basic woodworking skills, building a chair frame that matches your style and decor is possible. Follow these five steps, and you'll be on your way to building a beautiful and comfortable upholstered chair.


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