how do you clean an upholstered chair

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An upholstered chair can add an aesthetic appeal to any room. The soft fabric provides comfort, and the different colors and patterns of the upholstery give a personal touch to furniture. However, over time, the chair may collect dust, spills, and stains that can ruin the appearance and make it unsanitary. Properly cleaning an upholstered chair is crucial to preserve its beauty and durability. This article will provide steps on how to clean an upholstered chair effectively.

Step 1: Vacuum the Chair

The first step in cleaning an upholstered chair is to remove any loose dirt, hair, and dust with a vacuum cleaner. Using a soft brush attachment, gently vacuum the chair in all directions, paying special attention to the crevices and seams. This step helps to remove any allergens, pet hair, or food crumbs that may have settled in the chair. Make sure to vacuum underneath the cushions and in all the corners of the furniture.

Step 2: Spot Clean the Stains

After vacuuming, inspect the chair for any stains or spills. Using a clean cloth or paper towel, blot the stain to remove as much of the liquid as possible. Avoid rubbing the stain, as this can spread it and make it harder to remove. Instead, use a specialized upholstery cleaner or a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent to clean the stain. Apply the cleaner to a clean cloth and gently blot the stain until it disappears. Rinse the area with a clean damp cloth and allow it to air dry.

Step 3: Deep Clean the Chair

To deep clean the upholstered chair, use a steam cleaner or a professional cleaning service. Steam cleaning uses high-pressure steam to penetrate into the fabric and remove dirt, stains, and allergens. Professional cleaning services have the expertise, tools, and products to clean upholstery fabrics safely and effectively. They can also offer stain protection services to prevent future stains and spills.

Step 4: Maintain the Chair

After cleaning the chair, proper maintenance is important to keep it clean and fresh. Vacuum the chair regularly to remove surface dirt and pet hair. Use a fabric protector spray to guard against stains and spills. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can fade the upholstery, and cigarette smoke, as it can cause odors. Finally, if the chair has removable covers, wash them in cold water and line dry them to keep them clean and fresh.


Cleaning an upholstered chair can be a daunting task, but it is necessary to maintain the appearance and hygiene of the furniture. Regular vacuuming, spot cleaning, and deep cleaning can keep the chair looking new and smelling fresh. Proper maintenance is also essential to prevent future stains and spills. With these simple steps, you can enjoy the comfort and appeal of your upholstered chair for years to come.


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