where to put dining table in open floor plan

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There is no doubt that an open floor plan has become increasingly popular in recent years. It offers homeowners a flexible living space that can be designed to fit their unique lifestyle. However, with an open floor plan, it can be challenging to determine where to place the dining room table. In this article, we will discuss the different ways you can incorporate a dining area into your open floor plan.

Consider the size of your space

The first thing you should consider when choosing where to place your dining table is the size of your living space. If you have a large open area, then you will have more options for where to place your dining table. You may want to consider creating a designated dining area in the center of the room or near the kitchen. If you have a smaller space, you may need to get creative with your placement. One option is to place a small table in a corner of the room or against a wall.

Think about traffic flow

Another important factor to consider is how traffic flows through your open floor plan. If you have a high traffic area, like a hallway or a stairway, then you may not want to place your dining table too close to these areas. You want to make sure that your guests have enough space to move around and that they do not bump into anything when carrying plates or glasses. Try to create a clear path between your dining table and other areas of the room.

Consider your style

When it comes to choosing where to place your dining table in an open floor plan, you need to consider your personal style. If you prefer a more traditional style, then you may want to choose a more formal area for your dining table. If you prefer a more contemporary style, then you may want to consider a more casual location for your dining area. You can also choose a table that matches your decor, such as a rustic farmhouse table or a sleek glass table.

Create a focal point

Finally, when deciding where to place your dining table in an open floor plan, you want to create a focal point in the room. A dining area can serve as a centerpiece of the room, and you want to make sure it is visible from all angles. Try to create a visually interesting area by adding a statement chandelier or artwork on the wall. You can also use a rug or decorative table settings to draw attention to the dining area.


In conclusion, deciding where to place your dining table in an open floor plan can be a fun and creative process. Consider your space, traffic flow, personal style, and create a focal point to make your dining area stand out. Whether you choose a formal or casual location for your table, make sure it fits your lifestyle and enhances the overall look and feel of your home.


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