what is parawood on dining table

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Dining tables are an essential component of our daily lives. They serve as a place where people come together to eat, converse, and bond. The materials used to build these tables are a crucial aspect of their durability, look, and feel. Parawood is one such material that is becoming increasingly popular as a viable option for dining tables. In this article, we will explore the nature, benefits, and drawbacks of using parawood for dining tables.

What is Parawood?

Parawood, also known as rubberwood, is a type of hardwood that comes from the rubber tree. These trees are mostly grown on plantations in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand and Indonesia. Parawood has a light color that ranges from cream to pale yellow and has a rustic, natural look. Once harvested, this wood is processed and made into a range of products such as furniture, flooring, and construction materials.

Advantages of Parawood for Dining Tables

1. Durability: Parawood is an extremely hard and strong wood that is resistant to wear and tear. This makes it ideal for use in dining tables that are expected to withstand daily use and regular cleaning.2. Sustainability: The rubber tree is a sustainable crop that can be harvested multiple times, making it an eco-friendly option. By choosing furniture made from parawood, you’re also supporting sustainable and responsible forestry practices.3. Affordability: Compared to other hardwoods, such as oak or walnut, parawood is a more affordable option. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for high-quality furniture without breaking the bank.

Disadvantages of Parawood for Dining Tables

1. Susceptible to Scratches: While parawood is durable, it is still susceptible to scratches and dents. This is particularly true when compared to other hardwoods such as maple or oak.2. It Requires Frequent Maintenance: Parawood needs to be maintained regularly to preserve its natural look and durability. This means, you’ll have to clean and oil the table regularly to maintain its shine and durability.


Ultimately, choosing the right material for your dining table is crucial in ensuring its longevity and the look and feel of your living space. Parawood is an excellent option that provides durability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Despite its disadvantages, with the right care and maintenance, a parawood dining table can be a long-term investment that provides comfort, functionality, and style.


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