how to say dining table in spanish

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Are you visiting a Spanish-speaking country soon and would like to know the correct words to use for the various items you might encounter? One of the essential pieces of furniture is the dining table. Knowing how to say \"dining table\" in Spanish is an important vocabulary to have, especially if you plan on dining out or shopping for home decor. This article endeavors to guide you through the process of learning the Spanish term for dining table.

Understanding Basic Spanish Vocabulary

Before delving into the word for dining table, it is essential to understand the basics of Spanish vocabulary. Spanish has many words that sound and look like English words, making it easy for the average person to learn essential words and phrases. For instance, the Spanish word for table is \"mesa,\" which is pronounced as \"meh-sah.\" This word can be used to refer to any table, including a dining table.

Dining Table in Spanish

The Spanish words for dining table are \"mesa de comedor\" or \"mesa para comer,\" both of which carry the same meaning. The phrase \"mesa de comedor\" is commonly used in Spain, while \"mesa para comer\" is used more widely in Latin America. Both phrases translate to \"table for eating,\" which indicates the function of the furniture.

Using Dining Table in a Sentence

Now that we know the phrases for dining table, let's use them in a sentence. Suppose you're dining with friends at a Spanish restaurant and need an extra remark for your table. In that case, you can say \"¿Podemos obtener otra mesa de comedor, por favor?\" (Can we please get another dining table?). The waiter or waitress will then direct you to another table.If you want to address the person sitting at the next table, you can say, \"Me gustaría pedirle que mueva su mesa para comer más cerca de la pared\" (I would like to ask you to move your dining table closer to the wall). This phrase is useful if you need more room or are blocking the aisle.


In conclusion, knowing how to say dining table in Spanish is essential when communicating with Spanish speakers. It not only helps you to shop for furniture or order food at a restaurant, but it is also an important aspect of learning the language. Remember, the phrase for dining table in Spanish is \"mesa de comedor\" or \"mesa para comer,\" both phrases have the same meaning and are widely used. With these phrases in your vocabulary, you'll be able to speak and understand Spanish more confidently.


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