how to make an antique dining table look modern

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Antique dining tables are beautiful, pieces of furniture that can give a room a sense of elegance and a classic feel. However, in some cases, an antique dining table may not blend well with our modern tastes. In such a case, there is no need to worry. It is possible to incorporate modern elements to make the table fit with the rest of your décor and personal style. In this article, we will take you through the steps to make an antique dining table look modern.

Step One- Cleaning and repair

The first step to making an antique dining table look modern is to give it a thorough cleaning and repair any damages. Antique tables have a history, and over time, they might have accumulated dirt and grime that needs to be cleaned. To clean your table, use a soft cloth, and warm water mixed with mild dish soap. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that might damage the table’s finish. Once the table is clean, carefully inspect it for any scratches or chips on its surface. If any, use a furniture repair kit to fix these damages.

Step Two- Change the color

The table’s color is also an essential factor in its appearance. Most antique tables come in colors that might not blend well with our modern tastes. To change the table’s color, you can use paint or stain. If you decide to paint, use a color that complements your room’s décor. If you prefer the natural look of the wood, use wood stain. A wood stain allows the wood’s natural color to show through while giving it a modern feel. However, it would help if you were careful not to use too much stain as it might darken the wood.

Step Three- Replace the legs

Another way to give your antique dining table a modern look is by changing its legs. Most antique dining tables come with elaborative designs on their legs. You can replace these legs with something simpler and sleeker. A set of modern metal legs will make your antique table look modern and fit in with your modern décor. You can purchase metal legs from a local furniture store or online. Ensure that the legs are the right size for your table before purchasing.

Step Four- Add modern décor

The addition of modern décor can also help your antique table fit in with your modern décor. You can add a modern centerpiece, modern table runners, and modern cutlery. A modern centerpiece can be a vase with fresh flowers or a modern sculpture. A modern table runner can be a simple, solid color that complements the table’s color. The cutlery can be sleek and simple with clean lines.

Step Five- Mixing styles

You can also give your antique dining table a modern look by mixing different styles. You can pair it with modern chairs to create a beautiful fusion of modern and classic styles. The chairs’ color can complement the table’s color or be a complete contrast, depending on your preference. You can also add contemporary light fixtures that complement your table.


In conclusion, incorporating modern elements into your antique dining table is a practical and cost-effective way of giving it a modern look. By following the above steps, you can transform your antique table into a modern piece of furniture that fits in with your décor and personal style. A modernized antique table is not only stylish but also timeless and a unique addition to any home.


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