how to keep dogs off outdoor furniture

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Outdoor furniture provides a comfortable place for us to relax and enjoy our backyard. However, it can be challenging to keep dogs off outdoor furniture. Dogs love to jump, play, and rest on outdoor furniture, but their activities can cause damage to the furniture. This article will help you understand how to keep dogs off outdoor furniture.

Train Your Dog

Training your dog is the most effective way to keep them off outdoor furniture. You can start by teaching them basic obedience commands such as “No” or “Off.” Whenever you catch your dog trying to get on the furniture, say “No” and gently guide them away. Once your dog has learned these commands, you can reinforce their behavior by rewarding them with treats or praise.

Provide Your Dog with A Comfortable Place to Rest

Dogs love to have a comfortable place to rest, just like humans. If you provide your dog with their own designated area to relax, they will be less likely to get on the outdoor furniture. You could set up a comfortable dog bed or a shaded area that is perfect for them to take a nap. Dogs are creatures of habit, so once they get used to spending time in their designated area, they will prefer to use it instead of jumping on outdoor furniture.

Use Physical Barriers

If you have tried training your dog and providing them with a comfortable place to rest, but they still climb on outdoor furniture, you could use physical barriers. These barriers could be anything from a fence to a gate that restricts access to the furniture. You could also use furniture covers or tarps to cover the furniture and prevent dogs from getting on it.

Use Repellents

Another effective way to keep dogs off outdoor furniture is by using repellents. There are many commercial products available that can be sprayed on outdoor furniture or areas around furniture to repel dogs. You could also use natural repellents such as citrus spray or vinegar. Dogs have a strong sense of smell, and they will avoid areas with smells they do not like.


In conclusion, keeping dogs off outdoor furniture is essential for maintaining your furniture’s longevity and appearance. Training your dog, providing them with a comfortable place to rest, using physical barriers, and using repellents are all effective ways to keep dogs off outdoor furniture. With these tips, you can create a harmonious relationship between your outdoor furniture and your furry friend.


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