how to keep cats off my outdoor furniture

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Outdoor furniture is a great way to create a comfortable and welcoming space in our gardens and yards. However, if you are a cat owner, you may face the problem of your furry friends scratching or lounging on your furniture. This can be frustrating and cause damage to your outdoor chairs, tables, and cushions. Fortunately, there are several methods you can try to keep cats off your outdoor furniture. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective ways to prevent your cats from damaging your patio furniture.

Use Cat Repellents

One of the easiest ways to keep cats off your outdoor furniture is to use cat repellents. These are products that are designed to repel cats and make them avoid certain areas. There are several types of cat repellents available in the market, such as sprays, granules, and ultrasonic devices. The sprays are usually made of natural ingredients like citrus and pepper that are unpleasant for cats. You can spray them on your furniture to keep the cats away. Granules work in a similar way to sprays and can be sprinkled around the furniture. Ultrasonic devices work by emitting high-frequency sounds that are unpleasant for cats. They are attached to the furniture and turn on when a cat approaches. Using cat repellents is a safe and humane way to keep cats off your outdoor furniture. However, you may need to reapply them regularly.

Add Cat Deterrents to the Furniture

Another effective way to keep cats off your outdoor furniture is to add deterrents to the furniture itself. There are several products that you can attach to your furniture to make it less appealing to cats. One of the most common deterrents is sticky tape. You can attach double-sided tape to the arms and legs of your furniture, as cats dislike the sticky texture and will avoid the area. You can also add plastic or vinyl mats to your furniture. These mats have small plastic spikes that make it uncomfortable for cats to rest on them. Alternatively, you can use aluminum foil or mesh wire to cover the furniture. These materials are uncomfortable for cats and will discourage them from scratching or lounging on your belongings.

Provide an Alternative Space for Your Cat

If your cat enjoys lounging on your outdoor furniture, it may be because they do not have a suitable alternative space. Cats love to be outdoors, and providing them with a designated area can encourage them to stay away from your furniture. Try creating a small outdoor cat house or a shaded area with comfortable cushions and toys. You can also install a scratching post or a cat tree nearby. This will encourage your cat to play and relax in their own spot, instead of using your furniture.

Train Your Cat

Training your cat is another effective way to keep them off your outdoor furniture. You can use positive reinforcement techniques to teach your cat to stay away from the furniture. Start by providing your cat with a designated space, like the one we mentioned earlier. Encourage them to use this space by placing their favorite toys and treats there. Praise and reward them when they use the correct area. If you catch your cat on the outdoor furniture, use a sharp \"no\" and gently move them away. Do not punish them, as this will make them associate the experience with negative outcomes. Consistency is key when training your cat, so make sure that you are patient and persistent in your efforts.


Keeping cats off your outdoor furniture can be challenging, but not impossible. By using a combination of these methods, you can effectively prevent your furry friends from scratching or lounging on your outdoor belongings. Remember to be patient in your efforts, and always use humane and safe methods to keep your cat away from harm. With these tips, your outdoor furniture will remain in good condition, and your cat will have a designated space to play and relax.


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