how to add cushion to dining chair

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Dining chairs are a vital component in any home that is loved by family and guests when it comes to communal eating and hosting events. Often dining chairs are designed for their aesthetic appeal and ease of upkeep rather than for comfort. However, having an uncomfortable dining chair that makes dinners awkward and dread-filled can be a turn-off. One solution to this discomfort problem is to add cushions to your dining chairs. It is a quick, easy and cost-effective solution that will make your chairs much more comfortable and enjoyable for extended meals. This tutorial takes you step-by-step through the process of adding cushions to dining chairs.

Tools and Materials

The materials for adding cushions are readily available at sewing and craft stores. The materials include:

  • Foam cut to size which is the exact fit for the chair seat.
  • Fabric to cover the chair cushion
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Spray adhesive

Measuring Seat

The first step is to measure the seat of the chair. The foam cushion must be cut precisely to fit the exact proportions of the chair seat. Start by measuring the width of the chair seat from left to right. Next, measure the depth of the seat of the chair. Record these measurements for future reference.

Cut the Foam Cushion to Size

Next, transfer the measurements to your foam cushion. Using scissors, cut the foam cushion to the exact size of the chair seat measurement noted earlier. Use a sharp pair of scissors to ensure that the foam cushion edges are even and straight.

Attach the Fabric

Using the spray adhesive, coat the foam cushion liberally. Once covered sufficiently, place the fabric on the foam cushion and press out any wrinkles or air bubbles. Ensure that the material is taut by pulling it as you apply it to the cushion.


Adding foam cushions to dining chairs is an easy way to improve their comfort and aesthetic appeal without investing in new furniture. With the materials and tools available and following these simple steps, anyone can achieve the perfect dining chair padding in no time.


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