how much fabric to cover dining room chair seat

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The Importance of Knowing How Much Fabric to Cover Dining Room Chair Seat

Covering dining room chair seats with fabric is a cost-effective way to update the looks of your dining room. However, failure to determine the right amount of fabric required can lead to additional costs and delays. This article examines the importance of knowing how much fabric is needed to cover dining room chair seats, factors to consider, and useful tips that can save you time and money.

Factors that Determine How Much Fabric to Cover Dining Room Chair Seat

There are several factors to consider when determining how much fabric to cover dining room chair seats. These include the size of the chairs, the type of fabric, and the preferred style. Some chairs come with a padded seat, while others have a wooden base. The thickness of the padding also affects the required amount of fabric. A good rule of thumb is to add two inches to the measurements you take to account for the thickness of the padding. Additionally, the type of fabric also affects the amount of fabric needed as different materials have different widths, patterns, and textures. Hence, it is essential to prewash the fabric, which can shrink by up to ten percent.

How to Measure the Fabric for Dining Room Chair Seat Cover

Measuring the fabric is critical in determining the quantity of fabric needed for dining room chair seat covers. The first step is to remove the existing fabric or padding covering the seat. Next, measure the length and width of the cushion or seat, making sure to add two inches on all sides to account for the thickness of the foam padding that will be placed atop the seat. Multiply the length and width to get the total area of the seat. Divide the total area by the width of the fabric you plan to use to determine the number of yards needed. It is advisable to add an additional half yard to the total to accommodate cutting errors.

Tips to Save Money and Time

To save on expenses, consider purchasing a fabric you already have or one that is on clearance. You can also wait for the periodic sales or use coupons to get a discount. Additionally, ensure that you order all the fabric needed at once to avoid mismatches in color or pattern. To save time, consider purchasing fabric that is easy to clean, such as cotton or linen. Also, purchasing fabric that matches the style of your dining room, such as contemporary or classic, will ensure that the chairs blend with the overall decor.


Knowing how much fabric is needed to cover dining room chair seats is essential to prevent underestimating or overestimating the amount of fabric required, which can lead to wasted time and money. When measuring the fabric, it is vital to consider the type of material, thickness of padding, and preferred style. Finally, cutting corners to save on expenses or time may result in inferior quality of fabric, mismatched colors, and patterns. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase fabric that is both high quality and well-matched with the dining room's decor.


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