how much fabric for dining room chair seats

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Dining room chairs come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. In order to reupholster or recover a dining room chair, one of the essential elements to calculate is the amount of fabric needed. The amount of fabric will vary depending on the dimensions of the chair seat, the style of the chair, and the pattern of the fabric. This article will explore the process of determining how much fabric is necessary to recover dining room chair seats.

Measuring the Chair Seat

Before calculating the amount of fabric needed, it is essential to measure the chair seat accurately. Remove the existing seat cushion from the chair and measure the width and depth of the seat. Next, measure the thickness of the cushion. These measurements will be critical in determining the amount of fabric required.

Calculating Fabric Yardage

To calculate the amount of fabric needed, there are two essential measurements to take into account: fabric width and pattern repeat. Fabric width typically ranges from 42 inches to 60 inches. The wider the fabric, the less yardage you'll need. The pattern repeat is also an essential factor to consider when purchasing fabric. The pattern repeat is the distance between where the pattern starts and where it repeats. This will impact how much fabric is needed to match the pattern across each seat cushion.

To calculate the yardage needed, first, divide the width of the chair seat by the width of the chosen fabric. If the chair seat width is 20 inches, and the fabric width is 45 inches, then you will need 1.5 widths of fabric per cushion. Next, multiply the fabric width by the number of widths needed. In this example, 45 inches multiplied by 1.5 is equal to 67.5 inches of fabric width for one cushion.

Now take the depth of the seat and add twice the thickness of the cushion. If the depth of the seat is 18 inches and the thickness of the cushion is 2 inches, then the cushion's total depth is 22 inches. Multiply this number by the number of cushions you will be covering. This will give you the total inches of fabric needed. In this example, assume four chairs are being recovered; therefore, the total number of inches of fabric needed is 88 inches.

Convert the number of inches to a yard measurement by dividing by 36. So for this example, 88 divided by 36 is equal to 2.44 yards of fabric needed. Be sure to round up to the nearest quarter yard when purchasing fabric to ensure you have enough for any unexpected issues or pattern matching.


Recovering dining room chair seats can be an easy and affordable way to refresh the look of the room. When calculating the amount of fabric needed, remember to measure the chair seat accurately and take into account the fabric width and pattern repeat. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that you purchase the correct amount of fabric for your project, save time and money, and get a professional-looking result.


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