can mango wood furniture be used outdoors

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Mango wood furniture has gained immense popularity in recent times because of its unique texture and durability. However, many people remain unsure whether mango wood furniture can be used outdoors. In this article, we will discuss its suitability for outdoor use and explore some of the factors that determine the same.

The durability of mango wood furniture

Mango wood furniture is highly durable, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use. This is because mango wood is dense, hard, and durable than many other types of wood, which makes it more resistant to wear and tear. It is also resistant to decay and insect attacks, making it suitable for outdoor use where it is exposed to harsh weather conditions and pests.

Factors that determine the suitability of mango wood furniture for outdoor use

While mango wood furniture is generally suitable for outdoor use, several factors must be considered before using it in an outdoor setting. One of the factors is the finish applied to the furniture. The finishing used should be able to protect against water damage, UV radiation, and other environmental factors. Another factor to consider is the climate conditions in the area where the furniture will be placed. Extreme weather conditions can cause swelling or shrinking of the wood, leading to cracks and damage.

How to maintain mango wood furniture for outdoor use

To keep your mango wood furniture looking great outdoors, you need to take proper care of it. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the furniture are essential to extend its lifespan. You should wipe down your furniture regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt, and dry it to prevent water damage. Applying oil or wax to the wood can help protect it from environmental factors.


In conclusion, mango wood furniture can be used outdoors. Its high durability and resistance to decay and insect attacks make it an excellent choice for outdoor use. However, several factors, such as the finishing and climate conditions, must be considered before using mango wood furniture in an outdoor setting. With proper care and maintenance, your mango wood furniture can last for years, enhancing the comfort and beauty of your outdoor space.


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