IDT-732 Clindrical Solid Wood Base With Plywood Veneer Table Top IDT-732 Clindrical Solid Wood Base With Plywood Veneer Table Top

Model Number: IDT-732
Name: Dining Table
Material: Plywood + Veneer + Solid Wood Base
Size: D80cm * H75cm
Application: Restaurant Furniture ; Dining Room Furniture

  • Bicolourable Veneer
  • Heat-resisting
  • Waterproof
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Product Description

  • IDT-732 Dining table is one of the most popular design in this year. The table top is plywood with dual color veneer, you can choose the veneer pattern by yourself. Kindly contact with our sales to get the veneer pattern catalog.

  • As the base, compare with traditional round base, we use the solid wood base in subuliform.

  • Keep an eye on ergonomy. For a dining table the ideal height should be between 70 and 75 cm while the minimum space to grant the right comfort to each guest is 60 cm.

  • To add a table in the centre of a room you need to allow at least 80 cm between the table and the wall (or any other obstacle) to let people move back with their chair and walk comfortably. The minimum distance reaches 120 cm when someone is sitting and people need to move behind them.

  • Aesthetics is a really important factor when choosing a table both for practical and aesthetical reasons.

  • Wooden tables, for example, go in a classic furniture room and add elegance to the place. Glass tables, instead, highlight contemporary style living rooms and visibly enlarge the space in case of small rooms.

  • If you want to surprise your guests with an all time classic, choose the an iconic and timeless piece of furniture.


 Item Name

 IDT-732 Dining Table

 Size Optional

 D80cm * H75cm


 Bicolourable veneer in plywood



 Used For

 Restaurant, Hotel, Bar and Coffee house

 Table Top Material

 Plywood + Veneer

 Table Base Material

 Solid wood Base


 Indoor Use


Factory Picture

  • IDT-732 Dining Table Factory Picture

  • IDT-732 Dining Table Base Picture


  1. What about the size of the dining table ?  ----- Our standard size for IDT-732 dining table is diameter 80cm with height 75cm. But meanwhile, we support custom made, any size for us is possible. Kindly contact with our sales to get the details. 
  2. What is the material of this dining table? ----- Table face: Solid wood. In the picture it is 4cm thickness. Meanwhile we provide 3cm / 4cm /5cm different thickness for your choice. Table Base: Heavey casting Iron. Strong and stable. They connect with each other by screws (provide by us) . 

  3. I donot like this pattern, can I change it ? ---- Yes. We provide over 30 different kinds of marble pattern and over 50 different table bases for your choice. Any match is possible. Welcome contact with our sales get the detailed information.


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