how much fabric to reupholster dining chair

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Reupholstering dining chairs can give a new look to your dining room without the need for purchasing new furniture. The amount of fabric required to reupholster a dining chair depends on the size of the chair, pattern of fabric and the amount of fabric needed for additional cushions. In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about how much fabric to reupholster dining chairs.

How to Measure for Fabric?

Before purchasing fabric for reupholstering dining chairs, it is important to measure the chairs accurately. Firstly, measure the length and width of the seat of the chair, from the outer edges of the wood frame. Then measure the height of the backrest from the top of the back to the bottom of the seat. You may also require additional fabric for pillows or cushioning. If you want to be sure of the exact amount of fabric you need, add about 10% extra to your calculations to accommodate any errors in measurements.

Types of Fabric

Fabric choice also impacts the amount of fabric required to reupholster a dining chair. Synthetic materials like polyester fabric are usually economical and available in myriad colors and patterns, which make them a popular choice among homeowners. If you prefer a natural fabric, then you can choose from cotton, linen, wool, or silk. These materials are more costly, but they offer luxurious upholstery and can make your dining room look elegant and sophisticated. For small dining chairs, you might need one yard of fabric, while larger upholstered armchairs may require up to six yards of fabric.

Fabric Patterns and Direction

The pattern of the fabric and the direction in which the fabric is laid on the chair impacts the amount of fabric required. For instance, a directionless pattern will require less fabric while a striped pattern may require more. Plan how you will position the fabric pattern for each chair. Discuss it with your upholsterer to determine the amount of fabric that you require for each chair. Also, consider the amount of fabric to trim that the fabric will require when upholstering dining chairs.

Additional Factors That Can Impact the Amount of Fabric Required

Additional factors can also impact the amount of fabric required for reupholstering dining chairs, including the complexity of the chair's design. Chairs with intricate designs or those where the fabric must meet specific points and edges may require more fabric to ensure a consistent appearance. The may also require more labor, which can affect the cost of upholstery.


In conclusion, the amount of fabric needed to reupholster dining chairs depends on many factors including the size of the chair, the type of fabric, pattern, direction, and complexity of the chair design. Accurate measurements and good planning can help you reduce wastage of fabric and ensure your chairs look good as new. With the right amount of fabric, you can reupholster your dining chairs and create a new look for your home without breaking the bank.


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