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When it comes to donations, people often have many questions about what items a charity organization will accept. One such item that many people may be wondering about is outdoor furniture. With summer coming soon, many may be considering donating their old outdoor furniture to Goodwill. So, does Goodwill take outdoor furniture? Let’s find out.

Types of outdoor furniture that Goodwill accepts

Goodwill is a popular charity organization that accepts donations from people all over the country. However, the type of outdoor furniture that Goodwill accepts can vary. Generally, Goodwill accepts outdoor furniture that is in good condition and can be reused by someone else. This includes items like patio chairs, tables, umbrellas, and swings. If the furniture is too large to be easily transported, it may not be accepted.

Condition of the furniture

Donating outdoor furniture to Goodwill requires the furniture to be in a decent condition. Furniture that is in a poor condition, such as items that are broken or are in need of serious repairs may not be accepted. Additionally, furniture that is dirty or shows signs of heavy use may not be accepted either. It is important to ensure that the furniture is clean and in usable condition so that it can be passed onto someone else who needs it.

How to donate outdoor furniture to Goodwill

If you have outdoor furniture that you would like to donate to Goodwill, there are a few ways to do so. You can either drop off the furniture at a Goodwill store or donation center or you can schedule a pickup for bulky items. Before donating your furniture, it is important to call your local Goodwill in advance to ensure that they are accepting outdoor furniture donations and to check what items they accept. Donating to Goodwill helps to ensure that your outdoor furniture is going to a good cause and not going to waste.


In conclusion, Goodwill does accept outdoor furniture donations, but the type of furniture that is accepted and the condition it is in can vary. It is important to ensure that the furniture is in a good condition before donating it to Goodwill. Donating outdoor furniture to Goodwill is a great way to give back to the community and help those in need.


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