do you have to cover outdoor furniture

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When it comes to decorating your outdoor space, furniture can be a major expense. Whether you've invested in a luxurious patio set or just a few chairs and a table, you want your outdoor furniture to last as long as possible. One of the strategies to extend the life of your outdoor furniture is covering it when not in use. However, many people wonder if this is really necessary. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of covering your outdoor furniture and the different types of covers available.

The Benefits of Covering Your Outdoor Furniture

Covering your outdoor furniture has several benefits, the most apparent of which is extending the lifespan of your furniture. Rain, snow, and sun exposure can be hard on outdoor furniture materials such as metal, wood, and fabric. Exposure to these elements can cause fading, rust, and other types of damage. By covering your furniture, you can protect it from harsh weather conditions, mitigating the potential damage.Another benefit of covering your outdoor furniture during long-term storage is that it decreases the amount of cleaning and maintenance required when you are ready to use it again. An outdoor furniture cover can help keep dust, debris, and other outdoor elements from becoming embedded in cushions and mechanisms.

Types of Outdoor Furniture Covers

There are different types of outdoor furniture covers available on the market to choose from. When selecting a cover for your patio furniture, it is essential to choose one that fits your furniture well. Covers come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate specific types of furniture such as dining sets, lounges, and even BBQ grills.Here are some of the types of covers you might consider for your outdoor furniture:- Vinyl covers: These covers are water-resistant and provide excellent protection for your furniture during inclement weather conditions. They are easy to clean, lightweight, and affordable.- Fabric covers: These covers are also water-resistant and have the added benefit of being breathable, allowing air to circulate around your furniture. They are typically more expensive than vinyl covers but offer better protection and durability.- Custom covers: If you have an unusual shaped or large furniture, you might consider purchasing custom-made covers. These are tailored to fit your patio furniture specifically and offer maximum protection.


Covering your outdoor furniture is essential to extend its lifespan and save you money in the long run. There are different types of covers available, but the most popular ones are vinyl and fabric covers. When purchasing outdoor furniture covers, it is crucial to choose one that fits your furniture well to provide maximum protection. By taking the time to cover your outdoor furniture when not in use, you can help ensure that your furniture lasts longer and that your outdoor space remains beautiful and functional for years to come. So, do you have to cover your outdoor furniture? The answer is yes!


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