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Why is it called armchair

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The term \"armchair\" refers to a type of chair that has armrests on both sides. It is usually upholstered and is designed for comfort, not for mobility. The term has been in use since the early 1700s, and the armchair has been a popular piece of furniture ever since.

The term \"armchair\" is often used in conjunction with the word \"philosopher\" to describe someone who offers opinions on various subjects without actually experiencing them firsthand. This usage dates back to the 1700s when philosophers would sit in the comfort of their own armchairs and ponder the nature of reality. The term \"armchair philosophy\" is still used today to describe someone who offers opinions without practical experience.

The armchair has also been associated with leisure and relaxation. In the past, armchairs were often found in gentlemen's clubs or drawing rooms, where men could sit and smoke cigars, read newspapers, or engage in conversation with friends. The armchair was seen as a symbol of wealth and aristocracy, as only the wealthy could afford such comfortable and luxurious furniture.

Today, the armchair remains a popular piece of furniture for many reasons. It provides comfort and support for the back and arms, making it ideal for sitting and reading, watching television, or just relaxing. The armchair is also versatile, and can be found in a variety of styles and designs, including traditional wingback chairs, contemporary recliners, and mid-century modern lounge chairs.

In conclusion, the term \"armchair\" originated from the design of a comfortable chair with armrests on both sides. The term has been used to describe both philosophers who offer opinions from a distance, and people who enjoy leisurely activities such as reading or smoking in comfort. The armchair has come to represent luxury and relaxation and remains a popular piece of furniture in households around the world.


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