what is dining table etiquette

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Dining table etiquette can be defined as a set of rules and regulations followed while having a meal in a formal setting, such as a restaurant or a formal event. Such etiquette not only reflects one's manners and courteous attitude but also represents one's culture and tradition. Therefore, it is essential to be well-versed in dining table etiquette to make a positive impression on those around us.

The dining table setup

The first element of dining table etiquette is the table setup, which includes the placement of cutlery, tableware, and glasses. Generally, the cutlery should be placed in the order in which it is to be used, starting from the outermost piece. The fork should be placed on the left, with the knife and spoon on the right of the plate. The napkin should be kept on the left of the cutlery, and the water glass should be kept on the right of the dinner plate.

Behavior during the meal

The second element of dining table etiquette is the behavior during the meal. Firstly, before beginning the meal, wait for the host to begin eating or provide instructions on when to start. Secondly, chew properly, don't slurp, and don't speak with your mouth full. Speak politely and avoid discussing controversial topics such as religion or politics, as these could make other guests uncomfortable. Finally, keep your phone away during meals unless there is an emergency.

Food etiquette

The third element of dining table etiquette is food etiquette, which includes how to eat and handle various types of food items. A few general rules to follow are to eat at an appropriate pace, don't take large bites, and don't pick at your food. When using cutlery, use the fork to spear the food and the knife to cut it neatly. When eating soup, dip the spoon away from you and sip slowly without slurping. Lastly, when dining with others, always remember to pass the breadbasket, salt, and pepper to the person next to you.

The conclusion

In conclusion, being familiar with dining table etiquette is an essential social skill that everyone should know. It not only shows respect to the people you are dining with, but it also represents your culture and tradition. Hence, if you aim to make a positive impression, you must master the basic principles of dining table etiquette. Always remember to show a courteous and gracious attitude, and you will be able to navigate any formal dining occasion with ease.


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