how to stop dogs from chewing outdoor furniture

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Dogs are great pets and provide wonderful company to their owners. They are playful and always up for a good game. However, dogs can also be destructive and cause a lot of damage to outdoor furniture, which can be expensive to replace. This article provides tips on how to stop dogs from chewing on outdoor furniture.

Understanding the Behavior

To stop dogs from chewing outdoor furniture, one must first understand the behavior. Dogs chew on things due to boredom, anxiety, or teething. When outdoors, dogs may not have many options for entertainment and can quickly turn to furniture or other outdoor items. To stop this behavior, one should provide their dog with toys, such as chew toys, to keep them entertained. Additionally, dogs may feel anxious when left alone outdoors, so it is important to ensure their surroundings are comfortable and safe.

Train Your Dog

Another way to stop dogs from chewing outdoor furniture is through training. Dogs can be trained to follow commands and understand what to do and what not to do. Training can be done through rewards such as treats or positive reinforcement. When your dog does something right, reward them with a treat or praise. When they do something wrong, scold them in a firm voice, but do not hit or physically harm them. Over time, your dog will learn what is expected of them and will no longer chew on outdoor furniture.

Apply Deterrents

To further discourage dogs from chewing outdoor furniture, owners can apply deterrents to the furniture. There are many commercial sprays and products that are designed specifically to stop dogs from biting or chewing items. These sprays usually have a bad taste or smell that will keep the dog away. In addition, owners can also make their own repellants by mixing water and vinegar or pepper and water and spraying it on furniture.


Finally, the best way to stop dogs from chewing outdoor furniture is through supervision. Owners should always keep an eye on their dog when they are outdoors and correct any negative behavior immediately. When you see your dog about to bite or chew on outdoor furniture, redirect their attention with a toy or command. This way, the dog learns that outdoor furniture is not for chewing and only toys are appropriate to chew on.


In conclusion, preventing dogs from chewing outdoor furniture requires a combination of techniques that involve understanding their behavior, training, and deterrents. With patience, dedication, and consistency, one can successfully train their dog to stop chewing outdoor furniture and enjoy their outdoor space without worrying about destruction or damage.


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