how to add leaf to dining table

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A dining table with a perfectly set-up decor gives a complete finish to the entire look of your home. However, sometimes we want to add an extra touch of nature and elegance to the dining table. A perfect solution to this is by adding leaves. It is an easy and quick method to bring a change to the look of your dining table. Here are a few ways to add leaves to your dining table.

Use a Tablecloth and Leaves

One of the easiest and simplest ways of adding leaves to your dining table is by using a tablecloth. Tablecloths come in various colors and designs and can be easily purchased from any home decor store. They add an extra layer of protection to your table while also changing its look multiple times throughout the year. Printed or plain tablecloths can be used, and leaves can be added on top of them. To do so, collect leaves in different shapes and sizes and place them evenly across the tablecloth. This will add a unique touch to your dining table and give it a natural feel.

Place a Leafy Centerpiece

Another way to add leaves to your dining table is by placing a leafy centerpiece. There are many types of leafy centerpieces you can choose from, such as a vase of flowers with leaves, a bowl of fruits with leaves around the edges, or a wreath of leaves at the center. Use different shades of green or red leaves, depending on your preference, and place them at the center of the table. A leafy centerpiece is an easy and straightforward method of adding leaves to your dining table and can be used throughout the year.

Add Leaves to the Place Settings

Adding leaves to your place settings is another creative method. It will add a touch of elegance and style to your dining table. You can add leaves to napkins to make a unique napkin ring. Different kinds of leaves like eucalyptus, ferns, or magnolia can be used. Add a string to the napkin ring to hold it together and create a loop. Place the napkin at the center of the plate to complete the look. The leaves can also be placed under the plate or fork of each guest. It will change the look of your place settings and become a focal point of your dining table.

Use Leaf-Shaped Placemats

Leaf-shaped placemats can also be used to add a natural touch to your dining table. These mats come in various colors and designs and can be easily found in any home decor store or online. There are plenty of options available, whether you prefer seagrass mats, bamboo mats, or wooden mats with a leaf design. These placemats will not only add a unique touch to your dining table but also protect the table from any stains or spills.


Adding leaves to your dining table is an easy and simple method of changing its look. Various techniques can be used, such as using a tablecloth, placing a leafy centerpiece, adding leaves to place settings, or using leaf-shaped placemats. These ideas will help you create a unique and natural atmosphere in your dining room that you and your guests will enjoy. Try out these different methods and see which one suits your preferences best.


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