how to add height to bar stools

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Bar stools are a great addition to any home bar or kitchen countertop. They add a stylish touch to any decor and provide a comfortable seating option for guests. However, sometimes the height of bar stools can be an issue. Whether you are too tall for the stools you currently own or they were simply made for a different counter height, adding height to bar stools is a quick and easy fix.

Step 1: Measure the Current Height

The first step in adding height to your bar stools is to measure the current height. This will give you an idea of how much height you need to add. Use a measuring tape to measure from the floor to the top of the seat cushion. Write down the measurement for each stool you plan to modify.

Step 2: Purchase a Bar Stool Riser

A bar stool riser is a simple and inexpensive way to add height to your bar stools. It is a rubber ring that fits over the bottom of the stool legs and can add up to 5 inches of height. Bar stool risers are available online or at home improvement stores.

Step 3: Install the Bar Stool Riser

Installing the bar stool riser is a quick and easy process. Simply place the stool upside down on a flat surface and slide the riser over the bottom of the legs. Make sure the riser is centered and straight before flipping the stool back over.

Step 4: Test the Height of the Stool

Once the riser is installed, test the height of the stool to make sure it is at the desired height. Sit on the stool and adjust the riser if needed. Repeat this process for each stool you are modifying.

Step 5: Consider Other Options

If you need to add more than 5 inches of height, you may want to consider other options. One option is to purchase taller bar stools that are specifically designed for your counter height. Another option is to have a professional customize your existing stools by adding height to the legs or seat cushion.


Adding height to bar stools is a quick and easy way to make sure your guests are comfortable while sitting at your bar or countertop. By following these simple steps, you can add height to your existing stools in just a few minutes. If you need to add more height, consider purchasing new stools or having a professional customize your existing ones. With these tips, you can enjoy your bar or kitchen for years to come.


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